Marathon Taper tips Tuesday

Hello! After a 5k, 10k as well as half marathon this weekend a rest day was in order. So, all I did yesterday was take a short walk to prevent […]

Ask a Monican #46

Hello!!! I am dealing with some a lot more computer problems today (Santa are you listening?) as well as lastly wrestled it into submission to publish my vlog. By request […]

Marathon healing

This morning I woke up a bit tight in the legs as well as took a short walk to loosen up. I put on a pair of pro Compression socks […]

Cereal with a Side of Carbs

In keeping with my goal to eat protein-y snacks I made a protein cake in a mug for my afternoon snack. Yes, that is syrup on it. Yes, I’m going […]

Donut holes and Detox

Last night’s lack of sleep inspired me to make a trip to the whole Foods Juice Bar today for a pick-me-up. My favorite one is the “Detox”. (I in some […]