If It’s in the Chest…

I’m still fighting off the KTD (kissing transmitted disease) Ben gave me. I feel a lot better, but still have a lot of congestion. I want to run, but I remember the good advice Glenn Jones gave me in the past – “If it’s in the chest you must rest.”

But, I also remembered that I don’t listen to anyone but my damn self so I ran 4.5 miles super slow today. I needed to get out and move! I feel better. and if I die I have no one to blame but myself and I’m okay with that.
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I got a late start this morning and was getting hungry, but didn’t want to full on eat breakfast. before I left I ate some of Ben’s cereal. It’s okay because he was in shower and didn’t even know. Ha.

When I got back I made an egg scramble wrap on my WRAPS, not my tortillas because I don’t have any in the house ?

I spread a laughing Cow wedge on the wrap and added ketchup and hot sauce. This was amazing! 

I also made a pot of coffee from our Coffees Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Uruguay from around the world box we got for Christmas.

I think today’s roast was from Guatemala. I felt like I was on vacation again…

Except Maryland is nothing like Guatemala…oh well. I will drink my coffee with my eyes closed and dream of better days ?


The plan for the rest of the day:

– work (it has been so crazy I was on until 9pm last night!)

– organize upcoming travel plans

– comfort food for dinner

– watch lost and hope they don’t just go ahead and kill another good character since we’re running low at this point ?



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